Early Childhood Education Course

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Early Childhood Education

Equip yourself for working in kindergarten!
All courses are fully English.
Your lecturer is Prof. Dr. Karin Gnaoré, MSc.

Early Childhood Education
for English Native Speakers in Austrian Kindergartens

Date and Time:
3rd of Oct. - 15th of Dec. 2022
03.10. - 15.12.2022

Course units in school, online course modules & internship in an Austrian bilingual kindergarten.

€ 990,- course fee
€ 200,- examination fee (One attempt) written and oral exam 

You can request a quote, if you want to attempt AMS to pay the course for you.

If you need to repeat the exam: You do not need to repeat the course, only the exam. One attempt for the complete exam: 180 Euro

If you love small children and want to work in a kindergarten, this course is the right one for you! This professional training prepares you for starting your career in an Austrian bilingual kindergarten as soon and as fast as possible. Ideas and inspiration for working in kindergarten with lots of new games, stories, children songs and crafts! Get to know the laws and curricula concerning pre-school education in Austria. Children psychology will help you to understand children better and deal with them in a more effective way! You will also learn to plan and instruct children and toddlers concerning games, songs, arts and crafts.

• Development psychology • Educational psychology • Introduction to Montessori activities for 0-3 years old and 3-6 years old children • Diversity in kindergarten • Communication • Teamwork • The Austrian educational system • The compulsory curriculum for Viennese kindergartens • The compulsory year in kindergarten • Laws and duties concerning childcare in Austria • Pre-school activities • Nutrition, health and hygiene • Lots of new games • Songs • Educational activities • Arts & Crafts • Stories • Pedagogical Theory and Practice • Methodology • Didactics