Early Childhood Education Course
Teaching in a bilingual kindergarten in Austria

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Early Childhood Education

Equip yourself for working in kindergarten!
All courses are fully English.
Your lecturer is Prof. Dr. Karin Gnaoré, MSc.

Early Childhood Education
for English Native Speakers in Austrian Kindergartens

Day Course

Dates and Times:
08.01. - 29.02.2024 or
15.01. -07.03.2024 or
22.01. -14.03.2024

Monday - Friday 9am -2pm

Monday - Thursday 9am -5pm
Fridays: 9am-2pm

15.05. - 27.06.2024

Course units in school, online course modules & internship in an Austrian bilingual kindergarten.

€1090,- course fee
€150,-  exam  fee

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If you need to repeat the exam: You do not need to repeat the course, only the exam. One attempt for the complete exam: 150 Euro

Welcome to Ossiri's Academy - the premier destination for aspiring kindergarten teachers! Are you passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of young children? Look no further! Our academy offers a transformative course designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field of early childhood education. At Ossiri's Academy, we understand the importance of language development in young minds. That's why our course emphasizes the value of being a native speaker and bilingual educator. With our specialized training, you will have a unique advantage in Austrian kindergartens, where bilingual education is highly sought after. Join our vibrant community of educators, led by renowned experts in the field of early childhood education. Our experienced trainers, with their extensive knowledge and practical insights, will guide you through an immersive learning experience. Gain hands-on experience through our practical training sessions and unleash your full potential as a kindergarten teacher. Embark on this rewarding journey with Ossiri's Academy and become a proficient, confident, and culturally sensitive educator. Make a lasting impact on the lives of children and be a part of shaping their future. Enroll now and let Ossiri's Academy empower you to create meaningful connections and inspire young learners in Austrian kindergartens.

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Evening course

Early Childhood Education for English Native Speakers in Austrian Kindergartens

We want to  celebrate our new address in a bigger and more fancy building by offering this course at a special price!
Register before Chirstmas and pay only 990.- for your Diploma Course in Early Childhood Education.

9th of January - 25th of June 2024

Special Course Price: 990.- (if you register before Christmas 2023)
Exam Fee. 150. 

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Leopold Ungarplatz 2/1.Stock/Stiege 2 Gebäude: Square One, Spaces 1
1190 Wien




[email protected]

This is how our new location looks like!

You find us directly at the U4 end station, Heiligenstadt.

The office building where you find us, is called Spaces Square One!

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