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15th of September 2022 - 29th of June 2023

Every Thursday 18 -21 h (except on public holidays and during summer holidays)

Internship in a bilingual kindergarten!

Fully English instruction!

Prices & Payment

Regular Price for the course: 1990 Euro

10% reduction if you pay all together at once before the course starts

Exam Fee: 250 Euro

Pay by installments:
250 Euro down-payment before the start of the course, plus 10 times 200 Euro.

250 Euro down-payment before the start of the course, Pay 995 before the course start and 995 in the middle of the course (Jan. -March)

What you will learn?

You will learn how to teach in a kindergarten according to the Montessori method.
You will become a better teacher.

You will learn -
- many different activities you can directly use in           kindergarten.
- how to help children in their  development.
- how to prepare learning materials for children 
- how children develop normally
   child psychology
- how to help children in their development.
- how to teach movement and physical development.
- how to teach mathematics with fun in a playful         way.
- and so much more!

Books and Materials

Pay a one time fee of 70 Euro before the course starts for all your special craft supplies. 

You will receive all learning materials needed during the course.

Please always bring your learning materials, a ballpen, scissors and clue to class!

Next Course Start:
14th of September 2023

Thursday, 14th of September 2023 – 27th of June 2024
Course Fee: 1990 Euro
Exam Fee: 250 Euro (for one-time exams: written, oral and written project)  Materials: 70 Euro

How to save money: If you register until 29th of June 2023 you will save the 250 Euro exam fee. Your registration is valid after your down payment of 250 Euro, after that you may pay by installments. The last installment must be paid before you pass your exam. If you pay the full course fee before the course start, you may benefit from a reduction of 10% from the complete price. If you register and pay before the 29th of June 2023, you will save 250 Euro exam fees plus the 10% reduced course and materials fee. A course attendance certificate can be issued as soon as the payments are completed.  


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What we are learning

We are working together-This makes learning easy!

For your final exam, you will present the materials which you have prepared yourself, just like these ones!

Do your Montessori Diploma Course fully online from anywhere in the World

Morning Classes
International Montessori Teaching Diploma

Monday, 9th of January 2023 - Friday, 28th of April 2023
Monday - Friday, 09:00 -14:00
1990.- Euro for the Course, Materials and Exams

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